Pompey's Pillar


Clark' Signature 2005


Clark's signature in 1920



John Colter 1810

Near Ft Manuel Lisa


John Colter 1810

Picture taken in 1920


Site of Old Fort Manuel Lisa

Confluence of the Big Horn and Yellowstone


Manuel Lisa's signature in 1807

Picture taken in 1920


Re-creation of Clark's Cottonwood Dugout


View from Pompey's Pillar looking east


       Petroglyphs near the Yellowstone/Bighorn Confluence


Camp at Dawn


Camp at Dusk


Maria's Tanning Demonstration


Alma's Ethno-botony Presentation


Pre-Float Historic Presentation


View From Inside a Teepee


Jeff's Geology Presentation


Bob's Flint Knapping Demonstration


Target Practice


Teepee Village


Nice Day on The River


A Little Whitewater


TeePee Creepers


Summer Participants -Tour Two 2005