Check out this representative map of Clark's journey. Each number represents a corresponding entry in William Clark's journal. You will pass sites that he and his men saw and marvel at the beauty of this wide Montana River!!! It is going to be fun!!!

1) ...on this island I observed a large lodge...this
lodge is a conocil form 60 feet diameter at its
base built of 20 poles, each pole 21/2 feet in
secumpherance and 45 feet long...

2) 4 PM arrived at a remarkable rock situated
in an extensive bottom... this rock I ascended
and from it's top had a most extensive view in
every direction. This rock...I shall call Pompey's

 3)...I with one of my men Labeech walked up the
NE side of the Big Horn river 7 miles to the
entrance of a Creek which falls in on the NE Side
and is (28) Yds wide...

4)...I marked my name with red paint on a cotton tree
 near my camp, and Set out at an early hour and proceeded on very well...

5) ...great quantities of coal in all the hills I
 passed today. Late in the evening I arrived at the
 entrance of a River which I take to be (called by
 Indians) the Lazeka or Tongue River...

 6)...This is by far the worst place I have seen on this river from the Rocky mountains to this place...I call (this) the Buffalow Sholes from the circumstance of one of those animals being in them

7) ... as I was about landing this evening Saw a
white bear and the largest I ever saw eating a
dead buffalow on a sand bar. We fired two shot
into him, he swam to the main shore and walked
down the bank. I landed and fired 2 more shot
into this tremendious animal without killing him...

8) 8 AM I arrived at the junction of the
Rochejhone with the Missouri and formed my
camp immediately in the point between the two

Yellowstone River