Join the Fun!

  The trip itself will commence at Billings, Montana, not far from the site where cottonwood trees large enough to construct dugout canoes were found. Clark and his men lashed two boats together to form a large pontoon type craft. Our trip will feature 15' Catarafts. Comfortable and safe, these boats are maneuverable and allow us to handle every challenge the Yellowstone will send our way.

Our camps will be rustic and you will be expected to pull your own weight. Doesn't that sound fun? The accommodations will be teepees or if you prefer, smaller tents for privacy. Let our camp cooks tempt you with hearty breakfasts, great lunches, and delicious dinners. Come share the trip of a lifetime with us. Be among the first of our generation to experience what surely will be the destination of many over the next few years!

On Our Trip You Will Learn...

- about William Clark and his daring party

- about measuring distance by dead reckoning

- of the first fort in the American West... Fort Manuel Lisa!

- about knives being forged

- to make arrowheads and buckskin

- about Native American culture

- ethno-botany; the plants used for survival by our native ancestors

- to construct a plains teepee

....... Call to find out about college credit!!!!!


Teepee Camp